Can I see fabric samples?

Can I view fabric samples?

A frequently asked question is can I see your fabric samples in the flesh?

Yes you can! There are a couple of different ways:

You can visit our Brooklyn studio in Wellington.  Just email and or call to make an appointment. Our usual days for appointments are are Wednesdays and Thursdays. We can also do Saturday mornings when not away or out and about.

If you are outside of Wellington or can’t get to us, samples are available to purchase online. These cost around 50c to $2. We do pay for the samples and fabrics from each of our suppliers, which is why we need to pass on that cost  But the good news is upon purchase of any fabric you will receive a credit back for sample purchasing.

Organic Fabric SamplesTo avoid wastage, our samples are cut off the rolls from our in-stock fabric. They are individually cut and labeled for each order, so it does take a little time to prepare.

Purchasing samples are the best way to see and feel how beautiful our organic fabrics are. Just select sample swatch on the fabric product page of your choice.

Sample Swatch Website


If you can’t see a sample swatch option then we have probably missed adding it to the purchase options. Please contact us so we can remedy this.

If you are a product designer and would like to see a selection of samples please refer to our Sampling service page. 


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