New discoveries

My husband and I have just come back from Sydney for a few days break away. It was meant to be just a holiday, but as usual I always try to combine more than one thing on trips.

We discovered some fabulous things, new and old!


Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans Paddington

We love Nudie Jeans. I had two pairs prior to our visit – and now the visit makes 3 pairs.

The denim used is Organic Cotton, they are a unisex jean with loads of different cuts, and finishes. The Paddington Store in Sydney will hem your new jeans, repair your old Nudie jeans, and even resell your Nudie jeans.  Nudie is a Swedish brand but their first ever flagship store was opened in Sydney.

Check here for NZ stockists: NZ Nudie Stockists


Our Printer

We visited our Digital Printer for the Artist’s Collective Collection in Sydney. Here is the  printer in action

Think Positive Prints

On the right is the printer cartridge just like an ink jet, except the printer is exposed and the nozzles contain dye.  They have two printers – one for natural cellulose based fabrics, like hemp, linen and cotton, and the other contains a fibre reactive dye for silks and wool. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic of the actual printing because of copyright, but it was exciting to see it all in action.


Bell & Mason

We discovered these guys at the Paddington Markets. Organic Cotton TShirts and Men’s business shirts.  The fabric they use on their shirts is GOTS certified – meaning you can be ensured that the growing, ginning and weaving of the cotton has not been harmful to those producing it or the environment.


This is the shirt my husband bought.  (btw this isn’t my husband)

They are also available on line.  Bell & Mason