The Organic Painter | Book

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Boost your creativity and learn to paint with everyday materials, like coffee, tea, and flame, with The Organic Painter.

Bored with the same old paints?
The Organic Painter introduces innovative techniques for using non-traditional ‘paint’. And encourage freedom and expression!  Make your own paint from materials like coffee, tea, and alcohol! Traditional art supplies will only take you so far!
Sometimes you need to try something completely new and different. That’s where The Organic Painter comes in. With a little guidance, you’ll soon be painting with everyday materials you’d never considered as an artistic medium. This inspiring book gives you all the techniques and ideas you’ll need to boost your creativity and be more resourceful with your art materials. Imagine the unique things you’ll make when you create natural paints from coffee, tea, and berries! Each project in this guide book comes with instructions on how to make the paint and includes experiments and explorations for you to try. Plus, a simple painting accompanies each featured material, so you’ll never lack inspiration.
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