Our Ethical Feather Cushion Inners

ethical feather inner
We often get asked where our feather inners come from and whether the ducks were plucked live.  The horrendous videos shown on the web of live duck plucking was something we were not willing to support. So it was a question put to our supplier way back when we started Verdant in 2011.
We are happy to report that our feathers come from an ethical source just as they did 9 years ago.  Only now the feathers are RDS certified!

The feather for our inners are sourced from China, and then sewn up here in New Zealand. The Feather itself is a by-product of the duck meat industry in China. It is sourced from suppliers certified as being humane harvesters of feather and down. This ensures:

  • Traceability of the supply chain from hatchery to the final product.
  • High animal welfare including regular food, and water, and no use of growth hormones.
  • No force-feeding
  • Safe, clean housing with access to the outdoors.
  • Safe and humane transportation a
  • No live plucking

The suppliers are audited and certified as being compliant on an annual basis and farmers are subjected to random inspections.

In our opinion feather is currently one of the few environmental and easiest care options available for cushion inners.

Cushion Inner Alternatives

If you are not wanting feather cushion inners. then other alternatives can be teased wool, or recycled fibre. We have offered Wool Inners in the past, but they are very labour intensive to make.

We can however offer an inner made from recycled fibre. These have a heavy feel to them and need plumping and fluffing.

We are currently looking into the option of a dacron polyester inner made from recycled plastic bottles. We do not offer pure dacron inners as they are synthetic and made from virgin crude oil.