Curtain & Blind Repairs

Restored Curtains

Ever taken a look around your home and thought  "Perhaps it's time for a bit of a refresh?"  Your curtains are carrying some stories and the blinds have decided to take a permanent nap. 

At Verdant, we adhere to the 5Rs Sustainable principles, one of which is Repair. Beyond crafting something new for you,  can refresh, and repair your curtains and blinds. Plus, for minor tasks, we can even handle them right in your home.


We can offer;


  • restringing
  • resewing of rings
  • replacement of pullies
  • lining replacement
  • washing


  • alterations
  • lining replacement
  • lining additions
  • washing
  • curtain alterations

Track & Rods

  • glide replacements
  • bracket replacements (where possible)
  • end cap replacements
  • Track and rod replacements

*for hygiene reasons, curtains and blinds must be dry and free from mould and mildew before we can repair them. We do offer a cleaning service. Or we can remove and replace linings. Items will require an inspection first to see what is involved.