Curtain Rods & Tracks

From $40

Custom Made to fit your window

Our range of curtain rods & tracks are locally manufactured. They are NZ aluminum, extruded here in NZ.  The rods are then powder coated in Wellington and assembled here in Wellington too.

We predominately choose rods over tracks in most situations as they have a more elegant resolved look compared to tracks.

Professionally installed

Unless you are an experienced handy-person, we recommend using our professional installation service. This is so the curtain rods are secured properly to your wall.  Fully lined and insulated curtains are heavy and often require extra industrial-type fixings.  We wouldn’t want anything falling off the wall.

Plan for your tracks now.

If you are in the stages of building or renovating, it is far preferable to get in touch with us before the plasterboard and insulation is installed. We like to ensure proper fixings have been put in place.

If you are past that point, then no worries, we also can use our industrial-type fixings to take the weight.

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