Lampshades can be made from most of our fabrics. Made locally in Wellington.

Sizes range from just 15cm in diameter for little shades, to large 60cm diameter (and bigger) for overhead pendants lights.  The height can be made to anything you like!

For any fabrics in stock allow 2-3 weeks. For fabrics not in stock it can bd 6-8 weeks, while we wait for fabric orders.

The frames are made from recyclable metal and 25% recycled PS.

We can even recover your existing frame. Talk to us today.

Prices start from $50 including fabric.

Our Process:

1. Choose what size shade you are wanting (or bring into the shop your pre-existing one you want re-done).

2. Choose your fabric. Choose from our organic and NZ fabric collection, including hemps, hemp and organic cotton blends and NZ wools. Or we can source from a large range of fabrics for you.

3. We will give you a price for the size and fabric.

4. Pay your deposit.

5. We will take care of the rest!

Ready to find out more?

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