FAQs – Are your fabrics Fair Trade?

Are Your fabrics Fair Trade
Are Your fabrics Fair Trade
Are Your fabrics Fair Trade

This is a question we get asked a lot. Are our fabrics Fair Trade? We know it is important to you our customer that the people who made our organic textiles and homewares are paid and treated fairly.  You can be assured they are. Here is some more information in detail:

A small amount of our fabrics are Fair-Trade certified. However, most are GOTS certified which supersedes the Fair-Trade certification with their Minimum Social Criteria.  For most farmers and manufacturers it would be price prohibitive to have both certifications.

What is GOTS Certification?

The Global Organic Textiles Standard is the biggest internationally recognised Organic Textile Standard in the world.

GOTS certified manufacturers go through an independent yearly testing on their fabrics, to ensure that the whole entire process from growing the cotton through to the manufacturer of the fabric does not contain nasty chemicals and does no harm to the environment.


There is also a fair trade element to the certification ensuring farmers and factory workers are paid a fair wage, get decent breaks and holidays and there is no child labour used.  You can read more about GOTS certification here.  

Which fabrics are GOTS certified?

Our Harmony Arts range of fabrics are all GOTS Certified.  Most of the Organic Basics range is also GOTS certified.

The Ink & Spindle range is not GOTS certified.  However, the fabric the designs are printed on (the basecloths) are in transition to being GOTS certified.

For more detailed information refer to the Additional information tab provided on the individual fabrics page.