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Why Measure for Curtains and Blinds first?

Every Window is Unique

In New Zealand, houses come in all shapes and sizes. Given we are a nation of DIYers and renovators, windows are often custom-made to fit and they aren't the same.

When measuring for Curtains and Blinds we consider the entire space, including the walls around the window and other windows in the room. It's important for everything to look good together and function well.

At Verdant, we believe in the "form and function" rule, meaning things should be both visually appealing and practical.

We never make short curtains, and here's why:

  1. Insulation: Short curtains don't provide proper insulation. Warm air escapes upwards and out the window, while cold air enters from outside, making your room less energy efficient.
  2. Aesthetics: Floor-to-ceiling curtains look more elegant and visually expand the space. Short curtains can make a room look smaller and less sophisticated.

We take precision seriously. We measure twice and cut once, to ensure accuracy.

Initially at an in-home consultation, we'll do a measure to help give you an idea of cost.  Once you approve the quote and pay a deposit, we'll visit your home for more precise measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Measuring in the too hard basket? Do you want us to measure your curtains instead?

Book an in-home consultation.

If you are out of Wellington or are happy to measure yourself:

Here's what you need:

  1. Pen and Paper
  2. Metal Tape Measure (Don't use a sewing tape measure as they tend to stretch)
  3. Camera - Take pictures of the room

Here's the initial measurements we need:

  1. The Outside Width of the window
  2. The Height of the window from the outside of the window to the floor
  3. The space above the window
  4. The space you have both sides of the window. 
  5. A picture of your window
  6. A picture of your room

For more accurate measurements, please download our form

how to measure for Curtains