Blind Details

Fabric Blinds

Choose the right blind for the right space. Here are a few details about our Blinds.

Flax Roman Blind

Cord & Cleat Style Roman Blinds

This style is great for small simple blinds. Its the most economical option for fabric roman blinds. And it is the simplest to fix. The head rail (the thing the fabric is attached to at the top) is made from a strip of timber, eyelets and pullies along with a series of cords to help pull the blind up and down. The cord is then wrapped around the cleat in a figure of 8.

Cord & Cleat
Cord & Cleat used in Roman Blinds
A Roman Blind with a Simple Cord & Cleat

Chain Pull Roman Blinds

These blinds are great for larger and heavy blinds. The head rail – is made from metal and polypropylene rollers. Each Roller has individual cords. The chain pull mechanism means there is less wear on the cords, you can raise and lower the blind to wherever you need it, and it is not heavy.

Chain Pull
Chain Pull used in either Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds
Roman Blind with a Chain Pull Mechanism

Chain Guide Child Lock for Chain Pull Roman Blinds

When there are young children about, it is a good idea to attach a chain guide, that the chain slips through. This is also great for around doors, so the chain doesn’t flap about in the wind. We especially use these when there are beds or window seats up against the window. Because kids do love to climb! In saying that we don’t use them often, because we keep the chain quite a way off the floor anyway. Hence the terrible photo below.

Child Lock for Chain Pull Roman Blinds (excuse the terrible photo)

Roman Blinds with Child lock

A Relaxed Roller Blind

Relaxed Roller Blinds

These blinds are sometimes called a Beach Blind. They are good for a simple clean ‘relaxed’ look. They are great for tight spaces where standard roller blinds or honeycomb blinds don’t suit.

At work

Some of our team stringing up a Relaxed Roller