Eco Tip #7 Reuse your water 

Reuse your water

We are heading into the third week of no rain for Wellington and it is still only November. (Just) It would be wise to start conserving water, so I thought I would share some of my water conservation tips. Reusing your water doesn’t have to mean installing an expensive grey or black water system that…

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Tips for Plastic Free July

Mr Verdant thought I was on a personal crusade this month when I mentioned we were going Plastic Free this July.  But no it’s a real thing that others are also doing, not just me. So to celebrate Plastic Free July, I thought I would share what we have done so far in the Verdant…

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Down the power for an hour

This Saturday the 25th March 2017 at 8.30pm is Earth Hour for NZ.  So Down the Power for an Hour. Around the world people switch off their lights and electronics for an hour once a year, to celebrate and be a wee bit gentle on our planet. Coincidentally Earth Hour is the same day as…

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