How Sustainable are we at Verdant?

Verdant recycling symbol

Being Sustainable at Verdant. Recently we’ve been looking at certifications around Sustainability & Carbon neutrality. We do the best we can for the planet, however, we can always do more.  Janette did a questionnaire recently for a particular certification which showed up areas we need to work on. We don’t want to be greenwashing, but…

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Tips for Plastic Free July

Mr Verdant thought I was on a personal crusade this month when I mentioned we were going Plastic Free this July.  But no it’s a real thing that others are also doing, not just me. So to celebrate Plastic Free July, I thought I would share what we have done so far in the Verdant…

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Choose Recycled over Recyclable 

Choose recycled over recyclable. What’s the difference you may ask?  Well a lot when you think about it. In simple terms, something that is made from recycled materials means the materials have been reused and have already has a previous life. Something that is recyclable means it could go on to have a new life after…

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