Compostable Curtains

A few years back I had a client tell me she was bluntly asked ‘do you want your curtains to rot?’….
Well – Yes we do.
We don’t want them to hang around for eternity in a landfill somewhere for future generations to have to deal with.
I have been reading recently about Circular Economy in business and how we can attempt to move away from the ‘take, make, dispose‘ into landfill mentality. Its been in the back of my mind since that comment over the last few years, wondering how we can achieve completely compostable and recyclable products.
It has been hard work getting some suppliers and contractors on board, coupled with NZ being such a small country, where we don’t have the buying power of bigger countries, and mills require 1000-10,000+m minimums. But I really believe we will get there in the end.
Recently, we changed our curtain maker. This opportunity has opened up the possibility to work towards our goal of fully compostable and recyclable products.  I am very excited about this change.  Not only are the curtains and blinds going to be much better made, they won’t contain all the shortcut tricks like double sided tape and plastic componentry that usually go into making curtains and blinds.
Organic Sewing Thread NaturalSo for the first change, we are going to be using organic cotton sewing thread wherever possible in our curtains and blinds.  We have already been transitioning in the studio to use organic cotton thread in the overlockers, but now we will also be able to do this in the curtains and blinds too.
We can also do hand sewn shanks to join your curtains and linings together,  instead of those nasty plastic clothes tags ones.
So we are working towards making your curtains and blinds (and other homewares), that are not only healthy for you, and have been produced with minimal environmental impact, but also can be reused, recycled, or composted at the end of its current life.  We are on our way to closing that loop.

Do you have mould and mildew on your existing curtains?  Call us now to discuss how to deal with this.