Peka Peka Bedroom Semi-Sheer Hemp Linen Curtains

Hemp is one of nature's wonder fibres. Like wool it cleans the air and absorbs Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  It also absorbs and releases moisture as needed.  Forget about the harsh rough trousers from the 70s. Hemp is much more refined these days. Blended with other fibres like silk and cotton it creates a lovely drape for curtains.

It is naturally mould and mildew resistant, and UV resistant, which is why we use it as a natural option for curtain lining.

100% hemp is very hard wearing, so is great for upholstery.

And if you try smoking it you will be wasting your time, as Nandor Tanczos once said - 'you would need to smoke a telegraph pole worth to have any effect'.

For a great article on Hemp go to The Swatch Book

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