A Home Companion

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The Natural Home is a practical guide for sustainable everyday living packed full of recipes and tips from the original Green Goddess.

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The tale of a year-long journey from straight-talking, hard-bitten journalist to green goddess. Complete with fabulous recipes and experimental disasters – all told in a smart, funny and self deprecating fashion.

Wendyl Nissen is well-known as a straight-talking journalist. Whose career has seen her edit top-selling magazines, produce groundbreaking television documentaries and take on talkback radio callers without batting a heavily made-up eyelid. But what happened when she let three chickens called Marigold, Hillary and Yoko into her life on 24 October 2008?

A Home Companion details Wendyl’s year-long journey towards self-sufficiency. The book details each home discovery as it happens – both the triumphs and the disasters – while Wendyl slowly sheds her corporate life and takes to wearing yards of muslin and leather sandals, and forgets to straighten her hair.

A Home Companion is the book for anyone who finds themselves yearning to get their hands covered in soil, rid the house of nasty chemicals, nurture the family and become a green goddess – even if its just on the weekends.

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