Curtain Lining Samples

We offer Curtain linings that are washable and low VOC.

We can send you a range of the 3 main curtain linings we use;

Woven Dimout Lining

This lining is great for diming out street lights or sunlight. It is made from 100% Polyester. Not an ideal fabric in our book, but it is the only one we have found to date, that is easily washable and can provide both dimout and thermal properties without smelling like some chemical lab.

Cotton Bumf Interlining

This is an interline that sits in between the front fabric, and the lining. It is perfect for windows that are single glazed as it provides an extra layer of insulation. This is made from an unbleached cotton.  We are still on the search for an organic version. But until we find one, this unbleached doesn’t off-gas like some of the white bleached ones we have come across.

Hemp Twill

This is the most natural lining we have.  It is washable, in fact it has been pre-shrunk here in NZ.  The thicker twill weave helps dissipate the light, to protect the face fabric on your curtains. And in our opinion Hemp is the best fibre there is.  It does 4-5 months to grow, does require any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, needs minimal irrigation.  It is naturally mould, mildew and UV resistant.

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