Our shop in Aro St is currently closed due to the Covid-19 Lockdown.
However, we are working from home so can still take your orders and answer your queries.
 We have made the decision not to send out orders until the Alert Level has dropped. This is to keep our courier drivers safe and the supply of essential goods flowing.

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Our soft and full curtains are made from linens, hemp, wools, and organic cotton. We regularly use a three-layer system of fabric and linings to help insulate your windows. This is especially important for single glazed windows.

Our washable curtain lining can either be sewn in or detachable for easy washing. They are fume-free for your healthier home.

Select from a wide range of fabrics, including our organic collections.  Our curtains are both ecologically responsible and a beautiful component to any room.

For further information on the process of custom made curtains, please go to our How we work page.