Honeycomb Blinds

Our New Zealand assembled Honeycomb Blinds are made from 100% recyclable Polyester.  The individual cells help keep the heat in and the cold out. They can be fitted nice and close inside your window.

Honeycomb blinds are perfect for small spaces, or when you have minimal room to install any curtains or Roman Blinds. They stack up very small!

These cellular blinds come in either a Translucent or a Blockout version. The heat retention of these blinds is comparable to double glazing, without the hefty price tag, or hassle. They are the only window treatment we have that have a measurable R-value rating.  (R-Value is the insulation factor measurable for ceilings, floors, walls & windows)

Because these are made from Polyester not paper, they are fine to use in well-ventilated damp areas like bathrooms, provided they won’t have any direct water on them.

There is no fire-retardant added to the fabric, the top and bottom bars are made from easily recyclable aluminum. The polyester can currently be recycled overseas, and we hope soon to be able to be recycled here in NZ.

For sampling, please visit or call our shop.

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