Low Tox Life | Book


How do we work with nature rather than against it, both harvesting and conserving? The environmentalist Jeremy Purseglove shares a lifetime of experience.


Low Tox Life | Book – A handbook for a healthy you and a happy planet.

Alexx Stuart, educator and activist focuses on four key areas of life: Body, Home, Food and Mind. Clearing a path around the riddle of mass-market ingredients.

She shares the latest science and advice from experts within these areas, tackling the issues around trying to go low plastic in our high plastic world as well as endocrine-disruptors in beauty products and how we can clean without using hugely harmful chemicals.

Stuart shows us how we do not need full cupboards of organic fabrics and other products to go low tox. She helps you begin small and start enjoying the positive effects for you and the planet.

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Allow 2- 3 weeks after Lockdown has lifted.

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