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Our Humanely Harvested Feather Cushion Inners

ethical feather inner

The feather for our inners are sourced from China, and then sewn up here in New Zealand. The Feather itself is a by-product of the duck meat industry in China. It is sourced from suppliers certified as being humane harvesters of feather and Down. This ensures: No live plucking No force feeding Bird welfare is…

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Should I avoid Bamboo Fabric?

Should I avoid Bamboo fabric? Yes

Should I avoid Bamboo fabric? This is a question I was recently asked.  And the answer usually is: Yes! So what is wrong with Bamboo Fabric? Bamboo fabric is often touted as an Eco natural fibre.  Bamboo is fast growing, regenerates itself so you don’t need to replant, easy to harvest and the type of…

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Can I see fabric samples?

Can I view fabric samples?

A frequently asked question is can I see your fabric samples in the flesh? Yes you can! There are a couple of different ways: You can visit our Brooklyn studio in Wellington.  Just email and or call to make an appointment. Our usual days for appointments are are Wednesdays and Thursdays. We can also do…

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FAQs – Are your fabrics Fair Trade?

Are Your fabrics Fair Trade

This is a question we get asked a lot. Are our fabrics Fair Trade? We know it is important to you our customer that the people who made our organic textiles and homewares are paid and treated fairly.  You can be assured they are. Here is some more information in detail: A small amount of…

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