Blind Details

Fabric Blinds

Choose the right blind for the right space. Here are a few details about our Blinds. Cord & Cleat Style Roman Blinds This style is great for small simple blinds. Its the most economical option for fabric roman blinds. And it is the simplest to fix. The head rail (the thing the fabric is attached…

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Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday Sale? Do you get caught up in the frenzy? Here at Verdant we don’t have regular sales, for many reasons. One of them simply because we cannot afford to. Creating local and sustainable products is expensive. But we do it because we are passionate about having better alternatives to dress our homes. And…

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How Sustainable are we at Verdant?

Verdant recycling symbol

Being Sustainable at Verdant. Recently we’ve been looking at certifications around Sustainability & Carbon neutrality. We do the best we can for the planet, however, we can always do more.  Janette did a questionnaire recently for a particular certification which showed up areas we need to work on. We don’t want to be greenwashing, but…

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New Lightweight Organic Cottons

New in for spring, Lightweight Organic Cottons. Perfect for furoshiki and present wrapping, beeswax wraps, food covers, clothing, lampshades, cushions and patchworking. Any sewing and craft project you can think of! Browse Here

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What is the best insulation for windows?

Honeycomb blind outside

Even though the sun is still shining, I can feel a definite chill in the air, with the season  changing.  At this time of year, we always start thinking about how to make our homes warm for the winter. We love Consumer NZ for their testing they do different products, and an article I came…

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Our Ethical Feather Cushion Inners

ethical feather inner

We often get asked where our feather inners come from and whether the ducks were plucked live.  The horrendous videos shown on the web of live duck plucking was something we were not willing to support. So it was a question put to our supplier way back when we started Verdant in 2011.   We…

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Eco Linen

Fantail Blinds in Eco Linen

Eco linens are often sourced from Belgium.  These require no fertilizers and minimal water.  They are then dew-retted – meaning the linen leaves are left on the field to rot down in their own time to leave the fibre behind, rather than using any chemical methods or excess water. Its natural fine slub gives a lovely…

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Wingback Armchair

New Zealand Wools create employment for many in our own country.  Wool is one of nature’s wonder fibre.  It absorbs excess moisture without feeling cold and then releases moisture back into the atmosphere just when it needs it.  It absorbs dye very easily and a good quality wool is also very hard wearing,  making it perfect…

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Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is preferable to conventional cotton, due to the way it is grown. Conventional cotton is grown with large amounts of petrochemicals of which some pesticide chemicals are so harmful a singular drop to the skin can kill a worker. Organic cotton is naturally much softer than conventional, so is wonderful close to the…

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Peka Peka Bedroom Semi-Sheer Hemp Linen Curtains

Hemp is one of nature’s wonder fibres. Like wool it cleans the air and absorbs Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  It also absorbs and releases moisture as needed.  Forget about the harsh rough trousers from the 70s. Hemp is much more refined these days. Blended with other fibres like silk and cotton it creates a lovely…

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